Ben & Lucy a are very flamboyant and fun going couple and it was extremely important to them that their budget was used on all the items that would make their wedding one of the craziest the world has ever seen. 


As both Ben & Lucy are lovers of festivals, taxidermy, partying & Christmas, we were then able to get to work on a vast amount of entertainment options to accommodate. We created a proposal that would not only keep their guests entertained but also gave them an interactive and surprising experience. This was achieved with hidden flash mob acts such as living statues, surprise musicians, waiters that threw hissy fits (and plates) and a sword swallower disguised as a guest at the table who randomly ate his sword instead of the delicious food provided. 

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 The running order was extensive, the planning meticulous and the fun was out of this world. We worked on this event for over 7 months delivering bespoke entertainment options that complimented the obscurity of the theme. The day would start at 10.30 am and end 5am the next morning in one of the secret rooms of the venue. Not only do we have a festival theme for this wedding we also had, Alice in Wonderland, 1 hour of Christmas that led into New years Eve and then finishing the night with a Prodigy tribute band and a range of messed up walkabout acts such as Killer clowns and Polar Bears. 



The result in us providing the entertainment and management of this incredible Alice in Wonderland themed wedding can be seen in the wedding video to your right. 


All entertainment was provided and managed by ourselves and some of the day itself was also managed by our luxury events team. We had a truly amazing time working on this wedding and our Director Michael was also a guest and was an MC for the ceremony. 

We could go on all day about what this event had going on. Bets thing to do would be to watch the video.

There really is no other way to explain Lucy and Benjamin’s wedding. There are Alice in Wonderland weddings… and there are festival weddings… but mash them both together and imagine everyone in attendance has dropped acid and you maybe halfway there to how bonkers this wedding was! Their wedding photographer Lee Allen described it as the maddest wedding he’s ever been involved with… and you know what, I can totally see why!


"Rock N Roll Bride"

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