Year after year, we are lucky enough to have clients who come to us to provide them with new concepts for their Halloween Parties. 


The tradition now for this client is to better the year before and we are always too happy to step up to the mark. This year we thought that as last year was such a massive hit why not do a sequel? American Horror 2 (Slaughter-house) begun to take shape in the form of an axe, knives and every other murderous object we could find. 


The concept was to create an immersive experience for all who attended right from the entrance. Killer clowns met them at the front gates who scared them into the marquee which we wanted to create into a slaughter-house but with an element of private fine dining.

Bespoke Horror Decoration For Halloween Events London UK
Unique Entertainment for Horror Themed Events London Uk
Custom Marquee Design for Luxury Halloween Events London UK


We designed the marquee to specifically fit the back garden and to be built around the bushes, the shed and patio. On the interior of the marquee we hung a range of different body parts, rags soaked in blood and dirt and also body bags with prop bodies inside to give the effect the guest were walking into a serial killers worst nightmare.


We themed everything around the concept from the pick n mix sweets to the bar and drinks. Even the cake was created to look like a brain with a knife hanging out the top with smaller brain looking cupcakes to boot. Entertainment was of the highest calibre and at points had the guests running out of the marquee to get away from the sheer horror. (No honestly, we are not just saying that.....Guests actually ran for their lives) all in the spirit of Halloween and partying of course.


Killer clowns and demon brides roamed the floors whilst guests were unaware of what was to come. Our walkabout demon bride crept towards the marquee whilst whispers of something horrible begun to seep into the marquee from the guests. as the bride finally clawed her way into the marquee the music began to change signalling what can only be described as a live birth of a zombie contortionist. 


The results of such a high-end horror experience are yet another reason why we love Halloween here at JCLE. The guests had a brilliant night and our client is already looking at next year. 


When careful planning and crazy ideas come together it creates something memorable and exciting. We had some great feedback on the night of the event and guests were partying til the early hours of the AM with the adrenaline of the nights' antics aif=ding them through. 


Our services for this event included


  1. Full event management 

  2. Entertainment coordination & management

  3. Catering & drinks

  4. Full event production 

  5. Marquee hire

  6. Prop designs

Bespoke Decoration for Halloween Private Parties London UK


We have not heard from the client as yet..........nobody has

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