"Everyone pulled together to create a wonderful event and certainly the feedback I have had over the past few days has been quite overwhelming"


We had been approached by Monarch Airlines to create them a fashion show to present the newest range of their uniforms. Monarch had chosen 4 new designers who were to pitch their ideas to over 3000 Monarch staff members across the country. 

The idea was to allow the staff to vote on their favourite uniforms by watching the show live at Monarch sites up and down the UK. We were able to get to work on the deigns, production and the management of this event after being selected out of many other companies who pitched. The venue was chosen and so was the fashion designers, It was then up to us to manage and produce the show. 


Planning private events for our client is a passion of ours, especially when said clients allow us to be creative when doing so. 


We worked extremely closely with all of the fashion designs, the venue and also the client to make sure everything was planned down to the finest detail. As it was really important each designer had been presented to the highest degree, it was up to us to make sure the quality of the production of a high standard. We had also taken in to account that the majority of people who would be experiencing the show were going to be watching live in high definition, so attention to detail was paramount. 

We provided the following services:

  1. Full event production

  2. Event Management

  3. Fashion show management

  4. Live Streaming event services

  5. Venue decorations

  6. Post event analytics and video editing

  7. Content management


The event was a huge success and was commended by all who attended including high profile Monarch staff. The feedback from the staff who watched was given in real time through text and email and was incredible, to say the least.


Once we had a chance to produce the post-event analytics it was evident that we had a huge number of guests sign in to watch the event live and the reaction towards the setup, the models and the overall designs was overwhelming.


Once the nostalgia of the event had passed, the client contacted us to with the type of feedback that humbles us as a company who thrive to deliver a service second to none.

We have been lucky enough over the years to work with some exceptional clients on managing their fashion shows. Here at Julia Charles Luxury Events, we pride ourselves on providing a service that creates a fashion show that is memorable as much as it is enjoyable. Our fashion show management services range from catwalk management, catwalk designs and concepts, event production and event staff that make sure the event runs on time and effectively. 




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