There was a dark and twisted side to this party where some of the guests simply did not venture.


The venue was on the clients land where we designed and built a custom marquee that wrapped around the client's house, from the front garden all the way to the back. 


The front garden marquee was extremely modern with LED bars, furniture and lighting. This catered for over 100 guests where they were able to indulge in champagne and canapes.


Should the guests venture down the garden path, under the blood-soaked rags, past the Living doll being executed before your very eyes in the giant electric chair, you would have found a completely different story......A Horror Story full of contortion, fire and twisted freaks.

American Horror Story - Halloween Party



Alice In Festival Land

Burrows, mazes of rabbit holes, a white rabbit performing a druid ceremony and mass entertainment including drag queens, dwarf bouncers, Alice In Wonderland performers, human tables a mini tattoo parlour.....and this was all before 1pm. 


With over 14000 views on vimeo, mass media coverage in many top wedding magazines such as "Rock N Roll Bride", and hysteria on social media, it is not hard to see why this has been dubbed by many as one of the most insane Weddings they have ever laid eyes on. 


We had Alice In Wonderland mixed with Glastonbury, mixed with Christmas mixed with rave.  

Down The Rabbit Hole We Go!



With the launch of the Eddie The Eagle movie in 2016, we were asked by our client to provide a way in which members of the public could "fly like an eagle".


This was to engage people in a way to promote the release of the movie. We had designed a giant free fall stunt bag and bespoke tower with 2 platforms for people to come and experience what it would be like in free fall. 


The stunt bag and the tower were both branded with custom banners and logos to represent the film starring Hugh Jackman and Taren Egerton. 


The day was a huge success with thousands of people taking part along with some well-known celebrities from the hit TV show "The Only Way Is Essex".

Eddie The Eagle

Experiential Event




All Aboard The Orient Express

We have, over the years provided clients of ours with many different concepts for their Christmas parties. 1920's-Themed parties always bring a sense of class to the occasion. For this event, we created a bespoke stage and set design along with a really unique way of live projections. We created a green screen video booth for all guests to use and streamed it live to the main hall where guests would be seated. we projected the video of a view from a train window on to the walls to give the effect of being inside a train for this event. once the guests used the green screen they would then look like they were outside the train running and jumping along. Click read more to view more images and a video. 

1920's Themed Corporate Christmas Party




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