Winter Wonderland Themed Event Space created by the Julia Charles Luxury Events team complete with an LED Dance Floor, Bar, Trees and Seating.

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Venue space transformed into an Alice in Wonderland Themed Party space by Julia Charles Luxury Events.

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Renault Sport F1 Corporate Christmas Party. We created a bespoke marquee party space with catering tables, decorations and more.

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Party Planning

We offer a full Party Planning Service from start to finish to bring you the most memorable experience. Whether it's a Birthday Party, Corporate Party or Marquee Party, we are your go-to one-stop-shop for party planning.


As an experienced Party Planner Company, our pick-and-mix party planning service is very popular option for Private and Corporate clients who want to pick and choose specific aspects of party planning services they require. For example, if you just need Venue Dressing or if you just need Party Entertainment, we can also provide this.

Our wealth of experience and creativity ensures that each and every party planned and designed by Julia Charles Luxury Events, whether it's planning every aspect of the party or just one aspect, is truly unforgettable.


Party Planning Services: From Start To Finish

Our party planning services cover everything to enjoy a party like no other from start to finish.

Everything from finding your venue and decorating your venue to providing entertainment and catering, we offer a full turnkey party planning service.

Our luxury party planners have years of experience planning parties for both Private and Corporate clients with varying needs and requirements.


As party planning specialists, our team are more than equipped to design, produce and manage your party, no matter the occasion. Whether it's a Birthday Party, Corporate Party, Marquee Party, we have you covered.

Alternatively, if you require just aspects of party planning. For example, if you need just entertainment or just venue dressing, we can also provide this. We are a one-stop shop but we don't have to be.

Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties

Enjoy a spectacular Party like no other to celebrate your special day.

Corporate Party Planning

Corporate Parties

Treat your staff or clients to a stunning Corporate Party to be remembered!

Marquee party built around a swimming po

Marquee Parties

Book an elegant Marquee Party with unique styling and decorations.

Bar Mitzvah Planning service London, UK

Bar Mitzvahs

Celebrate this traditional ritual in style with our Bar Mitzvah planning!


Themed Parties & Decoration

Our Themed Parties are very popular with our clients and we have a huge array of party themes to choose from.


Including themes such as Winter Wonderland, Alice In Wonderland, Prohibition, Las Vegas Themes and plenty more. Take a look at our party themes here.

When designing parties for clients, we always take into account the client's personality, their theme and most importantly what they are trying to achieve.

Once we have worked out the above, we are then able to start proposing ideas forward to our client based on the venue, the theme and the type of party.

We have a team of experienced event managers who are very skilled and extremely creative with creating unique party spaces, running orders and everything required to creating a spectacular party.

We have taken our background in large experiential and corporate events and adapted it to suit the needs of our private and corporate clients who look to plan the most memorable themed parties.

Party Highlights

What Our Clients Say



Nationwide (NBS)

We just wanted to say on behalf of everyone from our commercial division (NBS) a huge thank you to you and the staff.

The room was transformed into Hollywood glamour and everyone loved the finishing touches. You delivered a memorable and slick event!


Private Client

I just want to say a massive thank you, the party was amazing! I've had so many texts this week saying it was the best party!

We are so grateful for all of your hard work and ideas. Erin can't stop thanking me, although she has already started talking about her next birthday which is worrying...

Party Planning Extras

On top of our traditional party design services, such as venue dressing and theming, we also provide additional design services such as invitation design.

Our team have the skills necessary to pull off any designs related to your event. Whether it's poster design, advertisement, invitations or anything else!

Not only does this make for a visually stunning party, but the designs are unique to you specifically, making it just that bit extra special.

Get in contact with a member of the team today to discuss our party designing services and what we can offer you.


Past Parties & Events


Festival Party

American Horror Story Party


1920's Orient Express Party


Luxury 40th Birthday Party


Party Entertainment


Our experience in entertainment dates back many years and in many forms. We work with thousands of entertainers, artists and choreographers to create mesmerising shows or walkabout entertainment that suit your event to a tee.

If you are looking for a complete showstopper for your party, then we are able to accommodate this.


Not only do we work with 2000 acts worldwide, but we also work with celebrities, from comedians and famous bands to guest speakers and TV personalities for Celebrity appearances.

You can book Celebrities and International Entertainment with confidence when working with Julia Charles Luxury Events.

Party Catering

From high-end BBQs and Hog Roast to Luxury Food Bowls and 4-Course Dinners, we work with the UK's top event caterers and chefs who bring the best culinary skills to your event.

Whether you are planning a small private dinner party or a lavish corporate occasion, then our event catering services are perfect.

Click below to view our full range of options on Julia Charles Event Management.

Event catering for private parties

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