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JCEM in Milan

Milan Cathedral

We consider ourselves extremely lucky at times to be in a profession that allows us to travel to some of the most beautiful places in the world. When we were asked by one of the world's upcoming fashion designers Philipp Plein to travel to Milan with the idea on how to create the fashion show to launch his new brand, we were on the plane before the phone hung up.

Milan is full of wonderful well dressed people, stunning architecture, great food and indeed the sunshine.

Our purpose there was to bring new and exciting ideas to our client for the fashion show they were planning. Some of the ideas consisted of monster trucks, fire performers, motor cross stunt shows and more. Yes, I know, not your average fashion show right? Well it is well known that Philipp Plein does not fall in to the bracket of conventional fashion show methods.

Once arriving at the airport and being chauffeur driven to my hotel, I was then invited into the Philip Plein showroom in the heart of Milan's fashion district. Now, although I cannot tell you about the exact details of the inside, due to the fact that it's fairly secretive but it was, as you can imagine; amazing. The fresh air as soon as the door was opened was accompanied by large green chandeliers with skulls that held the candled light, glass shelving holstering the new range of clothing and accessories and some of the industry's most famed models posing in the newest Philipp Plein wearables.

Philipp Plein Showroom

I was then invited onto the balcony to meet with fashion show producers and Philip to discuss the production and the design of the show. This, I am afraid is where the story ends in regards to this particular part of this journey.

Once the heated meeting had been and gone, I had another opportunity to explore the sites and more importantly...the shops. Everything from Gucci, Versace, D&G and many more under one roof. I settled for a coffee at the Gucci Cafe and made my way to the famous Milan Cathedral.

Once I had the delight of spending time with our suppliers, our team and the client over some nice food and good wine it was time to set off back to sunny London (it was actually fairly nice that day).

All in all , it was a great weekend of work with great people.

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