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Top Tips & Ideas for Hosting Your Next Gala Dinner or Award Ceremony

When hosting a gala dinner, we are looking to create an atmosphere that fills our guests with a sense of elegance, prestige and overall excitement. Here you will find our top tips on creating a gala dinner event that will make your guests feel like they're stepping into venue of a Great Gatsby Ball as well as all of the little things you might need to know!

lets start in the centre. The table centre.

From the minute your guests walk in, to the minute they sit down, they're expecting to be wowed, so why not kick it off with a selection of magnificent table centrepieces to crown your tables. The vast range of options available make it extremely easy to choose the perfect ones for you.

  • LED

  • Water features

  • themed

  • Glass

  • Plastic

  • Feather

  • Bespoke

  • They keep going and going!

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If you're not entertained, then why bother?

It might sound a little bit blunt, but we all know that if we aren't being thoroughly entertained throughout the evening, the we're going to lose interest, right?

The trick to avoiding that, as simply as it might seem is to get some fantastic entertainment! By doing this, you're providing something amazing for people to look forward to, as well as something to discuss in the later hours of the evening.

Here is my favourite entertainment for gala dinners...

As you can see, this is one of our extremely exciting fire display shows. A truly gripping show for gala dinners and award ceremonies.

Lights! Camera! Action!

Ok, so theres no camera (unless you want to film your event) but the lighting of your event can be the difference between being teleported into a land of overwhelming excellence and walking into a venue with some tables.

"What do you mean? What kind of lights are there?" you might be saying at this point...

  • Wall lights

  • Texture lights

  • table spot lights

  • Centrepieces LED's

  • roaming spot lights

  • Atmosphere lights

  • Logo projections

  • and so much more!

Thats just a short list of things that you can do to transform your rooms atmosphere or theme.

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And the award goes to....................... the function with the best host!

Although you might be the one presenting the award, there is no shame in getting in a professional to make sure that a certain level of suspense and showmanship is added to the event. All of the guest speakers and hosts we work with are experts in crowd management, meaning

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