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5 Animal Entertainment Options for Eco Events

Britain is a nation of animal lovers. Everyone enjoys looking at or playing with adorable animals whilst enjoying the sun so why not combine these 2 loves by checking out our fantastic range of eco-themed animal acts. This exciting collection will be sure to get you excited for spring and summer!

The Cedar Circle

The Cedar Circle is a fun-filled but educational street theatre show that will be sure to both delight and educate your children. Our animal-themed show is made up of Professor Badger and Headmistress Squirrel. These long time friends travel around the country with their trusted cart, collecting an array of rocks, leaves and more. The rocks and leaves are what make up the educational show. Your children are sure to be entertained by this loveable duo.

The Holiday Penguins

Our Holiday Penguins have decided to leave the frozen wastelands of Antartica behind to find warmer climates. Armed with their cameras, surfboards, Hawaiian shirts and ukuleles, they have everything they need to make the most of the summer sun. Our Penguins are incredibly interactive and love meeting new people especially members of the public.

Dino Wonder & The Explorer

Straight from an almost forgotten era, the Dino Wonder & The Explorer have voyaged from distant lands to come visit the folks of our newer lands. This exciting act has awoken a sleeping beast that although huge is still extremely friendly. The Dino Wonder is an eye-catching feature that always captivates and charms people. This exciting act is perfect for eco-themed events and much more.


The Squawk walkabout act is made up of 2 giant birds who are incredibly vibrant and bright. These highly inquisitive birds are all about exploring their surroundings especially when arriving to new ones. Our friendly birds will interact seamlessly with your guests or members of the crowd.

Camel Walkabout Act

Our Camel Walkabout Act is an animatronic puppet who is controlled by Prince Amir. This comedy act will get everyone laughing at talking at your event as they witness the big beast being rode by a tiny creature. This walkabout act will be sure to create a memorable time for all.

You can view more walkabout animals and eco-themed entertainment on our website.

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