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Creating the Riot Squad Yacht Party

When you’re asked to create a post-riot themed brand awareness campaign on a luxury super yacht there’s many different ways that you can go. The possibilities are truly endless for anarchy-themed events, but here’s a look at what we designed and organised for this event.

Design, Decor & Theming

For the design of the event, we created bespoke theming and décor. We designed a series of props and furniture. We designed palette furniture with black seating, wrapped in the brand’s logo to emphasize the theme. The palette chairs were accompanied by spray-painted oil drums and tire tables which really enhanced the feel of anarchy.

The centre-point of the décor was a beaten-up, spray-painted car that featured the client’s slogan and logo. This proved a huge talking point and photo opportunity. The event also displayed a series of spray-painted boards that had large prints of our client’s company name and logo. The décor was finished off with mood-lighting and various other riot-themed props such as crowd control barriers, wayward tires and various warning signs that wouldn’t be amiss in an anarchy uprising.


As we were creating a brand awareness event for E-liquid we had to involve some vape tricksters and a magician who could perform a series of vape tricks. The guests were astonished by the amazing tricks that were performed with our client’s product. The main highlight was the crazy circus freak show that featured a pain man and circus ring master. Our event also featured some cheeky walkabout chimps who got up to a series of mischief throughout the event.

Take a look at our some of the riotous fun that was had. We had a lot of fun creating this event for our client and look forward to many more successful events.

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