• Michael Charles

CSI Team Building in Dubai

Team building for any company can be an important part of creating more of a collaborative environment for your staff and bringing them closer together as a unit. This year we had the pleasure of providing some CSI team building to a client in Dubai at the wonderful Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club

Guest were taken on a Sherlock Holmes style journey though the venue where actors were placed, waiting to tell them their storey of how they knew the victim. The storey of the victim was tragic to say the least as he was found hung from a tree in the gardens of the venue. Actors played parts of staff at the venue such as the maid, the barman, the lead singer of the band and the manager of the hotel. Each had a motive and each had a storey to tell.

We placed clues of the murder around the venue including authentic CSI tools such as microscopes to investigate hair left at the scene and chemicals which are used to find out what ink was used from what pen and so on..

All the staff got well and truly stuck in to this event with the teams doing their best to be the 1st to find out who the killer was.

Once the investigations had been drawn to a close, the staff were then asked to meet back at the dining area where they be presenting the winners. Another show from the actors took place where we were to find out it was the manager of the hotel who was the killer.

Presentations then followed with food, drinks and entertainment for the children.

For more team building activities for your event why not contact us - http://www.juliacharleseventmanagement.co.uk/

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