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Top 10 Entertainment Options for your Halloween event!

Before you know it, October will be here, horror movies on the TV, Halloween treats in the shop, how can it be? It feels like just yesterday we were celebrating the new year. However, who can turn down a reason to have the biggest, most extravagant party, better than ever before!

Stilt walkers, Horror movie lookalikes, Giant spiders, Creepy shows, Contortionists, does that sound like the kind of entertainment you’d love for your Halloween event? Well here at Julia Charles Event Management we have it all!

Halloween is one of the favourite seasonal events on the calendar, everybody loves an excuse to dress up, scare their friends and watch horror movies so why not create a fantastic event for everybody to enjoy.

Entertainment is a must have for all events, guests like to be entertained, and entertainment helps to make your event memorable and unforgettable.

‘’Quick tip- When planning an event, make a list of the different ideas you have, that way you can narrow down entertainment options and find what you want quickly and easily.’’

So, onto the entertainment Julia Charles Event Management have to offer, prepare to be wowed! Carry on reading to see our top ten entertainment options for your event…

Miss Havisham Stilt Walker

A stilt walker dressed as the famous Miss Havisham, how spooky! Our stilt walker wears a creepy costumed paired with spooky makeup to give your event the real scare factor, she is available as a meet and greet act or can perform 3 x 30 minute sets. With fantastic feedback from Country Life Magazine, this stilt walker is rather entertaining and the perfect entertainment option.

‘’Quick tip- stilt walkers can be hired as meet and greet acts, walkabout entertainers and can even perform shows, choose a stilt walker for an evening full of entertainment.’’

The Creepy Crew

Have you ever heard of an act covered in mirrors? Well you’ll certainly be surprised if you haven’t, one member of this crew is covered head to toe in mirrors, creating a real life human mirror ball, how brilliant! Our crew are visually pleasing and a little bit creepy, including stilt walkers dressed in black and white, towering over your guests.

The Xenomorph Alien

Could an alien be creepier than this one? We don’t think so. Coming straight from the iconic movies, our alien has one aim, and that is to terrify everyone! He is dressed in a high-quality costume with realistic breathing. If you have watched the successful movies ‘Alien’ you will definitely want this costumed entertainer for your event.

‘’Quick tip- Wanting to ensure your event is unforgettable? Hire a horror movie lookalike, or movie themed entertainer, that way your guests will know who they are and will be absolutely terrified as they enter a horror movie scene!’’

Circus Magic Show

Our Circus Magic Show are a group of contortionists and magicians making them a family friendly entertainment option for your event. Would you like to experience illusions and magic at your venue? If so, our magic show is perfect for you, they are entertaining, trained and absolutely hilarious.

The Halloween Pumpkins

As we all know pumpkins represent Halloween so how would you feel about pumpkin costumed entertainers? Our Halloween pumpkins are perfect for children and adults alike. They are a comedy act who will keep all of your guests entertained throughout the event. Our Halloween pumpkins will walk about your venue creeping up on guests and making them giggle. Children will love this act!

Dark Side Ballerinas

Our Ballet duo are the opposite to the norm. Dressed in gothic costumes and dark makeup the pair will create the perfect show for your Halloween event. If you are looking for a slightly creepy act without the full-on scare factor then this act is the right one for you. Dressed to suit Halloween but performing beautiful dances mesmerising your guests.

Michael Myers

Everybody knows the iconic film ‘Halloween’ right? Hire the famous Michael Myers lookalike and give your guests a fright when they walk through the door. Guests will be terrified as they notice Michael Myers, dressed in a high-quality costume with props such as the replica knife! What’s even better is his mask was created by the same makers of the original mask! Hire this real-life Michael Myers to really terrify your guests.

Halloween Alice in Wonderland

Do you love the original Alice in Wonderland? Well you’ll definitely love our Halloween version. What a better way to incorporate Alice in Wonderland in to your Halloween event! The group of costumed entertainers are dressed in similar but spookier costumes with realistic Halloween special effects makeup to make them look extra scary!

Creepy Ringmaster and Puppet

Our Creepy Ringmaster & Puppet Halloween duo for hire is wonderfully weird walkabout act that will frighten your guests the right amount at your next Halloween event. The pair will perform 3 x 40 minute sets in unique costumes. Watch our pair perform in unison, the Ringmaster will control the Puppet making the act very realistic.

Musical Circus

Looking for a music act for your Halloween event? This one is perfect! They are a family friendly circus show with bases in both London and Dubai. Dressed in colourful, vibrant costumes this act will certainly stand out from the crowd. Your guests will be in awe as our Musical Circus perform their skills and tricks.

Take a look at our gallery below to see more photos of other Halloween entertainment that we have to offer.

If you would like to see more Halloween entertainment options and ideas please click here. For enquiries please contact Julia Charles Event Management on 01908 969322 or email sales@juliacharleseventmanagement.co.uk

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