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Top 5 Spooky Catering Ideas for Halloween Events

Did someone say Halloween? It cannot be time for Hallows eve yet! The nights are drawing in, children are back at school, this must mean that winter is coming. Rather than wallowing in the fact that the year is nearly over, why not get excited about all the festivities about to arise. Halloween, Bonfire night, Christmas, how exciting!

Over the years Halloween has become an increasingly popular time of year, with Halloween parties, Fright nights, horror movies and more coming out to play. What a better way to enjoy Hallows eve then to create your own spectacular Halloween event!

You might be wondering what new and exciting catering ideas you can come up with for your spooky event, well you’ve come to the right place because here are Julia Charles event management we have a wide range of Halloween catering and spooky catering ideas for you.

Of course, we offer traditional pumpkin carving but we offer so much more than the norm, your event will be one to remember. Take a look at our five top creepy catering ideas…

‘’Quick tip- Consider what is trending for Halloween events, this will allow you to create a fantastic and unique Halloween party’’

Edible Mist

Wow, edible mist what’s that? Our edible mist machines are the perfect ZERO calorie desserts, yes, I know a dessert with zero calories how is that possible. The unique machines are powered by ultrasonic vaporisation and create an intense cloud of floating inhalable flavour. With over 200 flavours to choose from, this is the perfect dessert option for you. The micro flavoured mist can also be customised with a flavour of your choice, the perfect choice for Halloween catering if we do say so ourselves.

Nitrogen Parlour

Yes, it may be cold outside, but ice cream is definitely a favourite. So why not hire our Nitrogen Parlour. This ice cream cart is not a traditional cart, the desserts are made using a liquid nitrogen injection system making the nitrogen parlour entertaining and extremely delicious. Over 20 flavours are available for your guests and two customised flavours can be created bespoke for your event only, great!

‘’Quick tip- Just because it is winter season doesn’t mean that summer food should be forgotten. Why not choose Halloween designed food and Halloween flavoured food?’’

Pumpkin Queen

‘’Quick tip- Don’t waste time carving your own pumpkins, order pre-carved pumpkins or someone to carve the pumpkins for you’’

If you would prefer to go down the more traditional route, take a look at our pumpkin queen. She can deliver pre-carved pumpkins, show demonstrations of her pumpkin carving and can create workshops to get your guests involved. Our pumpkin queen isn’t just any old pumpkin carver, she has extensive experience and graduated as a stone sculptor, cool! Not only does she carve pumpkins but she can also carve other fruit and vegetables, the perfect decoration and Halloween catering for your event.

Human Tables

Would you prefer for your food and drinks to come to you? Our Human tables would be the perfect option, the Fire Fairy Human Table in particular comes dressed in a fantastic costume suitable for Halloween and will meet and greet your guests with drinks, what a perfect way to make your guests feel like celebrities.

Sinister Candy Girl

Candy is the most traditional part of Halloween. Do you remember those nights spent trick or treating around your town? Well why not recreate your childhood by booking our costumed candy girl. She will walk around your venue giving out sweets and giving your guests a slight fright with her creepy makeup and costume. Our candy girl however can be less creepy to be more suitable for family events.

If you would like to view more of our Halloween catering options click here. If you would like to enquire about any of our acts and services please get in touch with us today on 01908 969322 or email us at sales@juliacharleseventmanagement.co.uk.

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