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ITV’s new Saturday night gameshow, Cannonball, with presenter Ryan Hand

Who are the presenters of ITV’s Cannonball and when does the new gameshow start?

ITV’s new primetime, Saturday night gameshow, Cannonball, will be presented by Andrew “Freddie” Flintoff and The Saturdays’ Frankie Bridge. Comedian Ryan Hand will cover all the action as it happens, with presenters Radzi Chinyanganya and Maya Jama alongside. The first episode of Cannonball airs on Saturday September 2 at 7pm on ITV.

The show takes place in a custom-built water park full of crazy obstacles and challenges. Each week, 24 contestants will line up to do their best, have fun and leave their dignity behind.

What is ITV’s new Saturday night show, Cannonball?

Think of your favourite waterpark. That one you went to on holiday as a kid. Now, imagine it a thousand times wilder. That’s Cannonball.

Cannonball is a new family entertainment show featuring brave contestants of all shapes and sizes tackling a course of water-based obstacles. Unlike on other shows—Total Wipeout or Ninja Warrior for example—contestants don’t have to be super fit. They just need a gung-ho attitude and willingness to bellyflop on national TV.

Contestants will face challenges including bodyboarding, flying through the air on a giant rope swing, and being launched at targets. The show will be packed with spectacular comedy moments as the water warriors, including grannies and office workers, get stuck into the nutty tasks.

Cannonball was commissioned by ITV to fill the Saturday night gap left when the BBC axed Total Wipeout. Now, a new crowd of courageous punters will throw themselves around for viewers’ entertainment: bouncing, tumbling and generally having a laugh, even donning fancy dress to ramp up the LOLs.

It’s not easy to look cool while hurtling down a massive water slide, but the Cannonball contestants will do their best. Presenter Ryan Hand will be on hand to make sure none of their watery mishaps go unnoticed.

When is Cannonball on TV?

The show starts on Saturday 2 September at 7pm on ITV. The series will be ten episodes long, followed by a Splash Hits show (featuring highlights from filming) and a Christmas special.

The primetime slot means the ITV gameshow will compete with Pointless Celebrities on BBC One and Secret History on Channel 4. The star presenters—Freddie Flintoff, Frankie Bridge and Ryan Hand—are sure to make it a big draw for audiences.

Who are the hosts of Cannonball?

Legendary cricketer-turned-broadcaster Freddie Flintoff will front the show alongside Frankie Bridge, formerly of chart-topping pop outfits S Club Juniors and The Saturdays.

Comedian and presenter Ryan Hand will cover all the action from the water edge’s, with Radzi Chinyanganya and Maya Jama also present to make sure viewers miss none of the contestants’ incredible feats.

Who is celebrity Ryan Hand (new presenter on Cannonball)?

Ryan Hand is a professional comedian and presenter from County Down, Northern Ireland. His presenter role on Cannonball follows his successful work on Loose Women, one of ITV’s most popular shows.

Ryan has honed his presenting and hosting skills over the years, waiting patiently for his big break. And it doesn’t get much bigger than primetime Saturday night, the slot where presenters like Ant and Dec, or Simon Cowell, often appear.

The Cannonball presenter cut his teeth as a stand up comedian, promoting and performing at the LOL Comedy gigs in Newcastle. Prior to that, he made many appearances as a DJ, radio presenter and host at charity events.

Blessed with cheeky wit and a magnetic personality, Ryan brings fun to everything he does.

Take a look at his hilarious showreel ...

Where is Cannonball filmed?

Thankfully for the contestants, Cannonball was filmed in the balmy climate of Valetta, Malta, on the Mediterranean coast. The watery antics would be far less enjoyable in the North Sea! Before filming started in April, presenter Ryan Hand took a well-earned break from his hectic schedule, soaking up the Maltese sun in preparation for hosting the wet and wild gameshow.

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