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London Fashion Week Feb 2018

Another fashion week has drawn to a close, we have seen a multitude of designers showcase their visions for Autumn and Winter. London’s Fashion Week is always something that people talk about as it’s met with protests and controversy over which designer has made a political statement, as the fashion worlds eye laser focuses on London.

The history of London and fashion is one of heritage, as we’re known for wool work and impeccable tailoring. We always see plenty of nods to our heritage, using similar materials or tailoring skills. Upon over view of the week of fashion extravaganza it seems that the emerging designers are the ones who are experimenting the most with textures, materials and wear ability of clothes for the future. It feels like the fashion houses that are known of the world stage have either given up or just trying too hard to appeal to a new market, now it may seem catty but just take a look at Burberry’s latest collection.

I’m all for supporting LGBT causes, it’s something I’m quite passionate about personally. However, I have a problem with what feels like jumping on the band wagon, as designers capitalise on the rainbow flag. Designers are not the only culprits for using a platform of minorities to make profit.

But I digress, it’s quite nice to see that designers are thinking more about their locations and event spaces. Rather than using the traditional London Fashion Week space, we’ve seen more presentations and thought out event spaces unique to each designer. As we move further towards a technology driven society, who will be the new ‘influencers’ of the industry. As live streaming becomes more accessible, will attending the event even be necessary? Personally, I’m waiting for the designer who incorporates Virtual Reality into their next collection, it most likely will be Iris Van Herpen who is always trying something shocking and revolutionary with technology available.

With the fight to be the next biggest fashion critic or blogger, the market for content creation has become over saturated. Even though the fashion industry contributes at least £3 billion to market value, it’s also a highly competitive and overcrowded industry. But what about venue places? London Fashion Week’s staple home for decades was Somerset House, until the British Fashion Council announced it was moving to SOHO. They marketed it as a move towards the ability to encompass other LFW venues, many others believed it was because it’s now main sponsor Sunglasses Hut couldn’t afford Somerset House.

Here’s some of my favourite Fashion Week locations:

Freemasons Building (London) - Home to Fashion Scout

Grand Connaught Rooms (London) - Home to Fashions Finest

Me Hotel (London) - Home to Fashion Presentations

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