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What made me do an apprenticeship in Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing Apprenticeship

The choices I was given


Like most people around my age, I was faced with the ultimatum: University, Apprenticeship or full-time job.

There's many ways of going about this - go straight into university / apprenticeship / full-time job? Do a gap year then make your choice? Work for a while, then make a choice? Travel then choose? The possibilities are truly endless, which is what makes the decision so difficult to make - you don't want to make the wrong one.

For me, I narrowed this choice down to two - go to University or start an Apprenticeship. I knew which sector I was interested in, which was Digital Media, but how do I go about pursuing this interest?

What gave me an interest in Digital Marketing / Media?

My first insight into Media as a subject was during my GCSEs. Throughout my school life I was always drawn towards the more creative subjects like Art & Design, Graphics and English, which is what drew me to taking it as a GCSE subject.

My Photoshop images being used on Julia's blog

I started to develop a passion for Media Studies over the course of GCSEs - it was the subject that I looked forward to attending in the week. I enjoyed the creative side of creating images, editing video footage and exploring ways of pushing this out to the public eye. I was intrigued by what makes a creative piece interesting, what makes people want to see them and the endless possibilities of what you can produce. I enjoyed the diversity of the subject.

That being said, the subject is not just about creating, it is also about your written ability - how you can form an argument and how well you can analyse - what made a Director use that camera shot? Why has that sound been used? What does the dialogue say about the character?

I also enjoyed the theoretical side of the subject, which went more into the reasons behind decisions in the Media, the influence the Media have and the Media in the future.

One of the pages I've created on the website

For me, the subject was the perfect balance between practical work and theory. The subject tested your written ability and your creativity. It made you question your reasons behind decisions.

This passion for the subject pushed me to take it as an A-level subject in my 6th form studies and only grew over this period. During this period, I realised my passion for Media Studies as a subject, which cemented me in my decision to make a career in the media field. I had always been told that if you work in what you are passionate about, you will never work a day in your life, and this was something I believe in.

Although I knew what I wanted a career in, I was still faced with the difficult decision on how I would go about achieving this - University, Apprenticeship, or full-time job.

Why an apprenticeship?

As you have already seen in the title of this blog, I chose to do an apprenticeship, but why?

The decision to start an apprenticeship was not easy - I narrowed the decision down to either going to University or starting an apprenticeship, and I constantly battled between the two - one day I wanted to go to University, the other I wanted an apprenticeship.

Pleased to get a great response on a Social Media post

Because of this, I chose to keep my options open - I finished 6th form, knowing the grades I got and applied for both (if I was going to University, I would have taken a year out) - I applied for universities across the UK, including Leeds, Brighton and Bristol, while keeping my eyes open for apprenticeships that I liked the sound of and believed I would get the most out of.

I worked in a supermarket for several months after finishing 6th form and after months of this I felt I had truly made my mind up. While I was working at this supermarket, it made me realise the importance of doing something you enjoy as a job, so this only made me more eager to pursue something I was passionate about. This led me towards choosing an apprenticeship - I would be working in something I am passionate about.

More of my friends went to University than those who haven't, but I chose to focus on what I believed was the best for me.

Photoshop work for Julia (Director of Julia Charles Event Management) used on her blog / CHS talk

The apprenticeship I am in now was not the first I applied for, but I can say I am very grateful it turned out this way. I was turned down from some interviews and I was also offered apprenticeships, but turned them down as I didn't feel 100% certain that they were for me. I wanted to make sure that if I was doing an apprenticeship, it would be a valuable one, where I can gain valuable experience, have an input and feel valued and I am happy to say this is where I have come to in the position I am in now.

Photoshop image at Julia's CHS talk

I am very excited for the future and what it holds for me and I look forward to progressing day after day. Even though I have only worked here for around two months, I feel I have learnt a lot, but there is still much more to learn and improve upon. There are things I feel I do well in, and others I feel I could do better in - but that is all a part of the process and is why I chose to do an apprenticeship after all.

It's OK to be reserved!

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