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The importance of understanding your achievements

When running a business your reputation runs on word of mouth, and the client passes on their experience to another which begins the snowball effect. Everyone in business has a portfolio of clients they've worked with and showcase it on their website, this encompasses brand re-assurances.

In the beginning of starting this business we were growing our reputation with clients, ensuring we delivered the ultimate experience. It wasn't until we wanted to showcase what we'd done for our clients that we started to notice we weren't showcasing what we had achieved with previous clients,

I can hear some people say "are you crazy?". We knew from that point we'd missed something big in business, however this was going to be a huge project - catching up is not always the easiest.

Reflecting back on each case study that we wanted to showcase clients and the rest of the world, it reminded us of what we actually achieved. I think that was the biggest part of all, reflection can really be a mind opener. Looking back at some events and just thinking, how did we actually do that? I'm proud we made this happen against the odds - just a few things flicking through our minds. Doing this has a really positive impact on those involved in the event, they get to re-live the highs of the event, even if there had been some lows - but it's a good way to learn and grow into your next project.

Before After

In some aspects we all take our achievements for granted, depending on your own work ethic. Some look towards constant improvement and ensuring that quality and excellent is upheld. Others can mention that they are award-winning just for the name sake and it might lead to more sales. For ourselves, we strive to continue to bring something unique to each and every event we produce, we just didn't showcase it - so we began to change it.

We've had some really good feedback from our previous work case study pages, it gives instant reassurance that we are able to deliver what we say we can. The ego boast without having to actually do it, these achievements are something we are very proud to showcase. In all achievements and events created, we want to continue our ethos of being open and honest - we show our downsides of each case study. Take it as a pros and cons, but ultimately how we conquered each event even when the odds seemed set against us - now that's what we call determination.

Just don't take our word for it, take a look for yourself! Feel free to leave any comments or thoughts on our case study - follow this link to see our work.

Till next time... - Fossy

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