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A journey through GDPR

Since the announcement of the enforcement date of the 25th of May, any business entrepreneur or marketing guru has been looking into the effects of GDPR and how it will impact their business going forward. What seems like mission impossible, turns into a chance to clean up database's, remove un-wanted information and an insight into who your audience is when you're marketing to them.

Our first reactions

We've all probably experienced the pure boredom of GDPR, as we get our company databases in line. Keeping track of when consent was given, who gave it, and how we got it. I think this has now been ultimately drilled into us, and what a ball ache it has been - creating a major project plan, getting new legal documents in order, updating registration forms for new artists/suppliers and an excel sheet of when information was checked. When I initially brought up my concerns to the directors about how it was going to effect us, little did I know it would end up meaning I would be lead on this project - talk about putting your foot in your own mouth. I ultimately can not wait until it's completely finished, I will be happy when I no longer hear the words GDPR.

As time has started to progress within this monumental change into privacy and putting more control into the customers hands, we've attended several seminars to talk us through how to put our best foot forward for new artists and suppliers. Even though the EU has written a huge document that doesn't seem to be the obvious of do's and don'ts, but expect us to understand the do's & don'ts - ironic right?

I digress, the ultimate challenge has just been patience and if you work in the world of Media & Marketing - well it doesn't exist.

In the latest series of talks we have attended, it seemed that some answers started to simplify themselves - thank goodness. Which in turn meant we didn't have a big as project as we initially thought, meaning that we can save time on focus on what's really important to get ourself compliant!

How we are feeling now

We're now on a countdown to as they call it, 'D-Day', so as you can imagine some tensions are high. But I know for a fact we won't let this project beat us, we will own it and ensure that GDPR knows who is boss.

Till next time..


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