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Meet the team – my time working at Julia Charles so far, JP

Securing the Job

After being made redundant from my previous role due to monetary issues within the company I was left with limited finances and limited motivation, however, it is at times like this that life forces you to shift gear and shift your thinking in order to survive. As such I began buying and selling products online which helped me stay afloat, however as the profits from this were constantly fluctuating I knew this wasn’t going to be sustainable unless my inventory increased massively.

This was my sole source of income for about a month, however, after returning from a holiday in the states at the end of April, I received a call from the Recruitment Executive who I had previously made contact with regarding a role within digital marketing. She stated in the call that Julia Charles events had come across my CV and were impressed with the contents of it; as such, I was offered an interview.

I spent about 3-4 days prepping for the interview as that was all the time I had between the call and the all-important day. I spent this time going over my CV thinking about all the relevant skills and knowledge I had acquired throughout both my academic & working career.

Monday April 30th – Interview day; like most there was a certain degree of nerves that I felt sitting there waiting to have my skillset, experience and personality assessed, however as an outgoing and fairly confident person I was also quite relaxed and saw the interview as my opportunity to prove to Julia that I was the ideal candidate for the job. The interview itself went smoothly as my now director Julia created a calm atmosphere which put me at ease, we spent the time discussing my experience, strengths/weaknesses, skillset and finally what I felt I could bring to the media team at Julia Charles event management.

After the interview, I went home feeling quietly confident about my discussion with Julia and excited at the prospect of potentially working for a luxury brand in such a creative and dynamic industry. These two feelings weren’t in vain as by 10 am the following day I had received an email stating that I had been offered the job.

Settling into the role

As a social media & creative content assistant, my role would see me, updating the website with new acts and general auditing of pages, creating social media posts that promote services and acts, creating promotional content such as videos, images and gifs amongst other duties such as blog writing, researching and reporting.

I began with adding act pages as this forms an integral part of my job role and requires me to carry out a variety of tasks that are important in digital marketing role such as keyword research and copywriting. This proved quite a challenge at first as within the role we’re required to add multiple pages a day & the process that goes into producing these pages involves multiple tasks that can be quite time-consuming (…well when you’re the newbie). However, my colleagues were always there to offer a helping hand if I had any queries or just didn’t have a clue how to go about completing a certain task.

Nonetheless after many questions and a lot of reviewing of work I had produced I established an understanding of what was required and how to go about completing tasks efficiently.

Two months in – what’s new

After having worked for Julia Charles events for just shy of three months now I can honestly say the journey so far has been great! I feel as though I’m getting to grips with my day-to-day tasks and enjoying every new challenge that is thrown my way. My position within the company is continually requiring me to display my skillset and develop it, broadening my knowledge of everything from, what goes into putting on different types of events to how to edit videos so that the style cues are cohesive with everything that embodies Julia Charles events as a brand.

Furthermore, with fresh new content being an integral part of successful social media marketing, this is requiring me to be innovative regarding the way in which we promote online and as such giving the opportunity for me to carry out interviews and service demonstrations with acts and clients, some of which can be seen our company Facebook channel. (LINK)

All in all my time at Julia Charles thus far has been one of development, learning, hard work and fun which I feel is precisely what a job should entail making Julia Charles event management the perfect company to continue my career.

Again thanks for reading, until my next blog I’ve been JP, take care.

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