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Creating a Unique Halloween Themed Event - American Horror Story Halloween Party

Halloween is becoming an evermore popular UK event, after Christmas and Easter, making it one of the more important dates of the year.

Being that it is a popular time of the year, it is crucial to create a truly breathtaking halloween themed event that will really stand out from the rest!

There are a lot of aspects that come together to create a Halloween Themed Event: prop hire, venue decor, staging, lighting, entertainment, production and more.

It is important to get these aspects perfect so that they come together to create the perfect Halloween Themed event.

Let's start with some entertainment option ideas

1) Entertainment Options

There's plenty of entertainment options out there to create a truly spine-chilling, captivating Halloween themed event and it's important to get it right.

The options you choose will heavily rely on the idea for your Halloween themed event. Have a look at this American Horror Story Halloween Party we put together, where we used entertainment options to compliment the specific theme.

American Horror Story is a perfect running theme for a Halloween event as it offers a diverse range of elements you can intertwine into your event.

For the event we had to provide a bespoke set and marquee designs that would take up a large amount of space - running from their front garden all the way into their back garden. They requested it to be as scary as possible, which we done with pleasure!

How did we do it?

We started the event off by tricking guests into thinking they were at a high end party when they walked into the front of the house, but little did they know they were about to be taken through a nightmare as they walked towards the back of the house.

To create a scarier atmosphere the closer they got to the back of the house, we used a range of entertainers, including a possessed contortionist (very scary and realistic as you can imagine) and an undead lady being shocked in an electric chair. The entertainers got more and more scary as you got further to the back of the house.

This is one example of how a range of entertainment options can create a sinister, scary atmosphere that will shock your audience!

Our event management company can provide scary movie themed lookalikes such as Michael Myers, Freddie Krueger and more - a perfect way to add an element of surprise to your next event...

You can read a more detailed account of the American Horror Story Halloween Party here.

2) Staging & Lighting

Staging & Lighting plays a very crucial part in creating the spooky atmosphere of a Halloween themed event.

These are the most important, yet unappreciated parts of any production - lighting conveys the proper atmosphere and is essential in conveying the deep, dark, mysterious atmosphere of a Halloween party.

Being that the party was also at night, lighting was even more important and only added to the atmosphere of the event. The lighting illuminated the important aspects of the party and kept others in pitch black - building the suspense and mystery of the event.

See how we used staging and lighting here

3) Venue Decor

Last aspect for this blog will be the venue decor

Venue decor is extremely important when conveying any theme for an event. In this case being Halloween.

It's important to think outside of the box when decorating for a popular theme such as Halloween. We done this for the event by creating bespoke decorations and props to give the event it's spine-chilling Halloween thrill.

Catering options also play a pivotal role in creating an exciting Halloween themed event. We used creative and exciting food options such as edible mist, red chocolate fountains and more...

Until your next read...

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