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3 Creative Ways Propose To That Special Someone In 2021!

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Proposing to that special someone is an exciting, but daunting task: with the expectations being very high, it's something you want to get right, putting a lot of pressure on your shoulders!

Nevertheless, you must rise to the occasion!

Proposing is something most of us look forward to as it's such a special occasion that marks a huge milestone. Most of us have an idea in our heads of how we want to propose, but it's always beneficial to get some inspiration from others and better yet, a Luxury Wedding Planner!

We'll help you pop the question and impress your loved one with our list of creative ways to propose this year in 2021! Take a look through our list of ideas below (and feel free to let us know if you used any!)


Propose With A Food Carving: Engagement Ring In A Pumpkin?

Now this idea may sound a little strange, but wait until you see the photos - this is truly a special and unique way to propose that will be sure to grab the interest of anyone who hears about it or witnesses it take place!

You can have your message carved into a large pumpkin (or large fruit), hollowed out with chilled champagne inside. The carving looks fantastic and will be a truly memorable way to propose to your partner.

Last year in 2020, we created exactly this for a couple who loved Autumn. We came up with a bespoke design to be carved into a pumpkin. Next to the large pumpkin, we had a smaller pumpkin with a ring box inside to complete the proposal!

With COVID-19 restrictions currently in place, we can even do a virtual food carving workshop where you can propose to your partner at the end of the workshop.


Virtual Musician: For Proposals In Lockdown

With COVID-19 restrictions in place now at the beginning of 2021, it's not currently possible to have a traditional marriage proposal. Therefore, we have made our entertainment services available to book as Online Experiences or Virtual Experiences.

So, if your other half is in the same household, our Online Musicians are available to book if you're after some personalised entertainment whilst in lockdown. What better way to inject some fun and engagement, or in this case romance into your lockdown!

Whether you’re looking for a skilled pianist to play some soft and romantic music to you both over dinner. Or perhaps a soul singer to serenade you with beautiful love songs, we’ve got just the musician for you!

We have a Virtual Pianist who can play three songs of your choice with a personalised message, which could be "Will You Marry Me?". This is a fantastic way of making your other half feel truly special and loved and make this moment truly special!

Musicians are a fantastic way to set the mood for a proposal; they can play your favourite songs and music that has a meaning to the pair of you.

Set up your dinner table the same as a luxury restaurant e.g. candlesticks, a chilled bottle of wine, rose petals, the works! Organise your food by either ordering in your favourite dinner or by cooking your favourite meal, which is a romantic touch.

Have your Virtual Musician play whilst you eat your dinner and pop the question over your favourite song as a couple!

You could even sing them a song that you’ve written. Coordinating with your virtual musician prior to the virtual proposal so they know what tune to play. We only recommend this if you can sing bear in mind!


Take Part In An Online Zoom Quiz!

Now, we've got another online option for you, perfect whilst we are in lockdown (in the UK)!

As a leading UK events agency, we pioneer virtual entertainment and online workshops for all types of private and corporate clients not only in the UK, but around the globe.

We offer a range of virtual experiences that can be adapted to be the perfect experience to pop the question and propose to your partner!

By using an online Zoom quiz to 'pop the question', you can also enable friends and family to take part to make that moment that much more special. Hire a professional virtual quiz host and put your ideas to them to organise a series of questions with the answers of each question spelling out ‘Will You Marry Me?’.

As virtual experience experts, we can put some creative ideas together for you to choose from.

To finish the quiz, your host will be to get everyone to work out, so let your significant other work it out. Then once they have worked out the answer, you can get down on one knee and propose in front of all of your loved ones!

What's more, the virtual quiz can be screen recorded so you have this special moment to look back on forever!


Whatever you do, make sure it's special to you and enjoy the moment!

Whatever way you choose to do it, whether it be a Lockdown-style Virtual Proposal or with a big audience or just the two of you, just make sure the moment is special to you and you enjoy the moment!

The best thing about virtual proposals is they can be recorded for you to look back on forever!

Please do get in touch if you are interested in any of our options. Alternatively, you can take a look at our Virtual Experiences for more information on our Online Proposal options.

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