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Events Manager vs Events Creator

Working in events; people think it’s all glitz and glamour, well, let me tell you that’s far from the truth. It’s not all paparazzi and red-carpet events, not that this interests me at all, I’m much more of a behind the scenes kind of girl. There’s a lot of organisation that goes into just one event, and not to mention lots of sweat, tears and sometimes tantrums. But I digress, each event comes with its own timeline, brief and of course expectation of what can be delivered. Luckily for me, I work with a good team, especially at the beginning stages of making sure we get what the client is looking for and staying within their budget.

Once the ball starts rolling and the contracts have been signed, that’s when the fun begins for me. I get to be the Events Creator, I start to develop what the event will look like and liaise with my client what my vision is for their event. Because ultimately, I may have the best ideas for how the event may look but if the client doesn’t like it, it’s wasted time – and of course time is money. I always get as much information out of a client before I start my work, ensuring they tell me what they’re looking for and what kind of feeling do they want their guests to have. It’s important to understand how you’re going to meet what your client is looking for, because it saves time, especially if you’re on a short lead time.

I discuss what acts, service and décor we can offer for the event. This is the Events Manager side, as they say up-sell, up-sell, up-sell. As the Events Creator I think about how it’s all going to unfold for the guests, ensuring they wowed and entertained. What I do is sketch my ideas out and thank goodness for technology, using my iPad and iPen I can download an image of the event or take a picture of the venue. This allows me to the sketch how I envision transforming the venue into a spectacle for all to see, sending my initial ideas to clients and getting their thoughts on where I want to take the event for them. I have found this to be quite helpful, it allows them to see how the space can be transformed, and of course shows off my creative side for events.

When you get to the venue that when you have to take on both roles, Events Manager and Events Creator. This is where switching between being in charge and being creative really clash together, it will really test you in both elements. Especially when any problems arise because you have to manage the situation, then you have to creative resolve the situation. Each situation is different and requires to be evaluated, ensuring that the event goes smoothly. If you’re creating a running order for your entertainment, this is when things can get heated – especially if you’ve already got an act that’s unhappy. I don’t suffer fools gladly, I’m a get the job done and do it to your best kind of girl. I’m happy to confront anything going on that shouldn’t be happening, because it’s important to defuse any situation that could escalate.

Anyway, before I divert onto something else let’s get back to the subject matter. As the event is in full flow is when you really get an understanding of how the event has worked, you listen to people’s comments as they walk into the event space. It’s one of the best feelings in the world, as anyone who’s organised an event – especially if it’s an event you’ve spent a long time organising.

Creatively I aim to give each client a unique experience, sometimes even going to the length of creating bespoke elements that are purpose built just for that event. If you’ve ever watched yourself in one of those time-lapse videos, if only in the wish and hope you could ever go at that speed. You can really watch how it all came together, sometimes when you’re in the midst of it all, you don’t look back and think about what you’ve accomplished. It’s nice to go back and watch sometimes, really gives you a sense of pride.

For me, being and Events Manager and Creator goes hand in hand. I believe you can’t do one without the other, some people may disagree or have another way of operating but it all clicks together for me. The big battle I think people have when trying to do both is one side can over take the other, because there’s always something you’re stronger at in a skill set. It’s important sometimes just to take a step back, maybe have a cup of tea and review – because you know the answer you just need to give yourself the opportunity to find it.

I am immensely proud of what I do and what I have achieved as an Events Manager, and I will continue to improve, learn and develop. It’s important to keep re-evaluating where you are and where you want to go within your industry.

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