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The most bizarre event we've worked on!

Well this was an interesting one to think about, mainly because what most people would see as bizarre is different. Now, you may think it's a horrible cliche but it has to be our Alice in Wonderland Festival Wedding.

So we were tasked with creating the craziest wedding the world had ever seen, quite a task indeed. With this in mind, the couple gave us seven months to plan the wedding, phew! They wanted it to incorporate multi-themes and have the wedding last from 10:30am until 5am the next morning, now that's what you call one long celebration! This event was not only bizarre but it had to be also one of the most complex events that we've ever organised, period.

The themes set by the couple were Alice in Wonderland, Festivals, Christmas and Rave, not only that but to be as obscure, insane and shocking as possible at every turn. The complex part, maintaining all of this for 20 hours! Luckily for us we have an extensive list of contacts and suppliers, this all made achieving this event possible. We managed to source a venue big enough to host such carnage and an array of weird and wonderful acts to satisfy their ludicrous requests, the luxury Lubetonbury Estate.

Managing and completing a running order for this event was just on another level, meticulously planning a complex schedule.

The outcome was out of this world, managing to pull of the most incredible wedding that somehow successfully included each of the abstract and conflicting themes. Achieving an event that lasted for the whole twenty-hour stretch, and quite literally blew the minds of every single attendee. The weirdness was maintained from the midday dwarves to the early morning rave, no one left claiming they’d ever been to a crazier wedding.

We could spend another seven months trying to find the words to do this event justice, the video below will give you a better idea of what this event was about and just how mental it was!

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